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Technische Daten

Maximale Mähfläche4000 m²
Arbeitszeit5 h
Ladezeit5 h
Messertyp4 Zähne / 8 Schneiden
Schnitthöhenintervall24 - 64 mm
Mähgeschwindigkeit30 m/min

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The Autoclip 720 S can manage up to 4000 m2 in up to four separate cutting zones. The 15 Ah lithium-ions battery let it work for 5 hours. The 4-teeth/ 8 edges, 36 cm wide blade assures every inch of your lawn is neatly groomed. The compass increases the capacity of Autoclip in keeping its straight direction up to 200 meters. Bluetooth receiver is provided as standard. The maximum cutting surface can be easily extended up to 6000 m2 just adding two 7,5 Ah batteries and a more powerful charger.
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